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Banking and Finance Law

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Banking and Finance Law

Practice Areas: Banking & Finance Law

Amicus Legal Banking and Finance Law department provides legal support, representation and advice in a broad assortment of banking and finance law related legal issues. Our relevant subject matter expertise in banking and finance law includes the areas of:

  • Government & Financial Industry Regulation
  • Asset Recovery
  • Creditors’ Rights Enforcement
  • Bank Holding Companies Operations, Compliance & Regulation
  • Acquisitions & Mergers
  • Financial & Banking Services and Litigation
  • De Novo & Community Banking
  • Executive Compensation
  • Banking Regulatory Filings
  • Joint Ventures & Other Capital Raising Endeavours
  • Securities Registration & Regulatory Compliance
  • Debt, Equity & Asset Financing
  • Tax & Other Regulatory Filings

In addition to providing legal assistance and support in the above banking and finance law related legal issues, Amicus Legal Banking and Finance Law department can also deliver legal advice and representation in insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring matters.