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St Lucia Citizenship By Investment

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St Lucia Citizenship By Investment

Understanding the St Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program

The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) allows certain qualified individuals to obtain St Lucian citizenship status. In order to obtain St Lucia citizenship by investment, applicants must make a qualifying investment within St Lucia, while also successfully completing the registration process.

We have crafted a citizenship by investment programme to match the ambitions of all prospective applicants.

Requirements for the St Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program

All St Lucia Citizenship By Investment applicants are required to submit, at a minimum, the following documentation:
1. A certification from the police department of the applicant’s country of birth, or certification from the applicant’s country of residence for at least one year during the 10 year period immediately preceding the submission of the CIP application;
2. A certificate of health;
3. A reference letter from the applicant’s bank;
4. Evidence, information and proof of the applicant’s proposed qualifying investment; AND
5. An accompanying English translation for non-English applications.


Visa-Free Countries

Citizens of St. Lucia benefit from visa-free travel to well over a hundred countries

Conditions for the Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program

An applicant must fulfill the following conditions in order to be approved for St Lucia citizenship by investment:
1. Be at least 18 years of age and fulfill all Saint Lucian citizenship requirements
2. Have no criminal record save for minor traffic offences
A successful applicant shall sign the oath of allegiance before an attorney-at-law, Consular Officer of Saint Lucia, Honorary Consul of Saint Lucia, Notary Royal or Notary Public.

Qualifying for the Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program

Following the approval of a CIP application, a qualifying investment to one of the St Lucia citizenship by investment programs listed below must be made.
1. The Saint Lucia National Economic Fund: Applicants applying alone need only make an investment of $100,000.00, applicants applying with a spouse must make an investment of $165,000.00, and applicants applying with a spouse and up to two qualifying dependents must make an investment of $195,000.00.
2. Approved Real Estate Projects: Qualifying investments in the amount of $300,000.00 must be made in approved boutique properties, branded hotels, or resorts. The real estate asset must be held for at least 5 years after the grant of citizenship.
3. Approved Enterprise Projects: Qualifying investments made in an approved enterprise project in the areas of agro-processing plants, marinas, cruise ports, specialty restaurants, offshore universities, pharmaceutical products, research facilities/industries, highways, bridges, ports and roads. Individual applicants must make an investment of $3,500,000.00, while a single applicant in a joint investment must contribute a minimum investment of $1,000,000.00 towards a joint investment of at least $6,000,000.00.
4. The Purchase of Government Bonds: On approval of an application by means of an investment in Government bonds the following minimum investment is required. The government bonds are non-interest bearing and have a 5 years holding bond. There is a non-refundable administrative fee of USD 50,000.00 payable to the government for this option. Applicant applying alone: USD 500,000.00; Applicant applying with spouse: USD 535,000.00; Applicant applying with spouse and up to two qualifying dependants: USD 550,000.00; each additional qualifying dependant: USD 25,000.00.

The above minimum investment amounts do not include applicable processing and application fees. Furthermore, higher minimum investment amounts may be required for additional qualifying dependents.

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